Anushka Kapse 

Published Author - 'Droplets'
Soul Realignment Practitioner (USA)
Past Life Regression Therapist (INDIA)
REIKI Master/Teacher
Chakra Energy Healer

Anushka is certified in various modalities like Past Life Regression Therapy, Soul Realignment -Akashik Records Reading, Reiki Healing, Chakra Healing, Tarot Card reading from multiple masters in the said fields. She is certified in REBT from the Institute of Psychological health. More than 100 cases to her credit, which are healed & transformed their life by her accurate and insightful sessions & readings. The scientific mind blended in Spiritual wisdom is her key strength.

She was always aware of herself beyond body and mind and had tremendous faith in higher intelligence. She was never skeptical about accepting spiritual knowledge as she knew that science and spirituality are complementary to each other and not contradictory. She is an avid reader, and her interest in spirituality made her read Swami Vivekanand's work, which has impacted her on a more in-depth level. The quest to KNOW more has guided her to do formal certification in her interest area of SOUL, and It's the journey. Understanding of human psychology and spiritual wisdom helps her in providing guidance that is practical and spiritually aligned.


Academically, Anushka is Electronics & Telecomm. Engineer (B.E.) from Mumbai University, India. She completed her Business Management education from Welingkar Institute, Mumbai. She spent her initial years gaining experience in the engineering field of Fire and Security Consulting Engineering. 

The believer in 'Service to Mankind is Service to GOD'; she started non-profit 'METTA FOUNDATION,' which works on the Education of Tribal and underprivileged children.​ Know More...


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A single drop from the Sky invokes the excitement of soaking in Rain within us. A single drop is enough to hope, to predict, to prepare, to feel what is on the way.


The first-ever book of the author offers nuggets of wisdom drawn from life around us.


The Truth is always SIMPLE and so does the Life.

Know More.....


Soul Healing

Inner Growth & Spiritual Developement

Fears and Phobias




" I have participated in Akashik Records Reading program with Ms Anushka.  This program really works at the root level of our existence which I was not even aware of.

Outcome of this program was surprised to me, this helped me to understand why I am experiencing certain situations again and again as patterns in my life.

I also realised my divine god gifts which I have by god grace.

I started understanding how my inner strengths and my divine gifts works in day to day life and give satisfaction and peace in every step of my life which I was completely unaware of.

Due to this input from Ms. Anushka, I could relate how opportunities comes to us from Divine source and how I can grab the same for my success and peace in my life. 


Thanks Anushka for this divine gift. " 

— Mrs.Kranti J.

IT professional

I take this opportunity to thank Ms.Anushka for making us (me & my wife) part of this one day program on “Past Life Regression” .

It was a well organized walk-through on the path of spirituality & past life experiences explained through the detailed PPT& actual practical workshop on all of us.I always felt how can one go back on time and that to hundred & thousand years back…but my experiences of living my life in 1913, 1888 & 1517 during this session has left me spellbound. Thank you so much for this.

You correctly mentioned during the session:“To go back in past we do not have to travel anywhere it is just about adjusting the brain frequency & tapping into the print implants of our various past lives in our subconscious mind…. It is within us!”


Excellent quote to open up mind!! 


All your explanations were scientific & logical, hence easy to accept & absorb. "  

— Name, Title

— Mr. Ganesh Khanolkar -Director,Teknoware

Sometime 4 yrs ago I was searching for past life regression workshop and I came across Ms.Anushka.

The day when I was about to do PLR, I was not sure whether I can do it or not. But Anushka showed full confidence in me and assured me that it will help me to overcome my problems, if they are related to my past life.

When I was in session of PLR, I feel very comfortable with Anushka. The experience was very satisfying.

The past life regression really helped me to understand to relate my problems in present life and I felt very convincing and assured that I can overcome these problems.

The insecurities I felt in this life were outcomes of my past life. Anushka helped me to understand that I have to leave the past life insecurities and find the purpose of this life.


Thanks anushka for helping me.

— Mrs. Aarti Konkane-Creative Designer

" I am very much happy with the advise I have received from Ms. Anushka . She has answered lot of questions ....

I always had curiosity  regarding Life and its ways.. I

have used the Akashik Records reading as the medium. It gives great insight about my past life and the negative baggage I carried all this life.

After the assesment , she also provided a solution to get over it so the life happens to its full glory as one deserves.

If you are a seeker look at this as more of a answer to many unknown and  hidden part of life." 

— Mr.Manish Rao- Businessman


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