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Separation Anxiety

A stressed and exhausted mother of a 3-year-old toddler came to me to do Akashik Records Reading.

Reason: The toddler simply doesn’t leave the mother out of his sight for even a few minutes. He wants that she should be with him all the time, doing all his work all by herself. The mother has appointed a full-time nanny but he doesn’t allow the nanny to do anything of his work. If the mother goes out for some work or even in the bathroom, he will stand outside the door and cry. Parents consulted doctors who advised them that they should make a routine of saying goodbye, explain when she will be back whenever going out, reward him. They also asked to call the child's friends to play with him, take him out in the garden or play area where he can be with other children. They emphasized that they should make the child mix with other family members like grandparents. Parents tried all the options. In the play area, he will play for a few minutes making sure his mother is within his sight. When the parents left him with his grandparents who were with the child since his birth, he was crying for 2 days continuously and didn’t even eat anything as he didn't see his mother around. This and many more such events traumatized parents. The mother said he is in continuous fear that she will 'go' and this is causing emotional trauma to the child leading to health issues.

When his akashic records were accessed, the root cause of 'separation anxiety' was revealed.

Separation anxiety is normal but if it continues to happen frequently after 2 years of age this likely to be a more serious problem. This soul has lived lifetimes where he has experienced 'parental separation' that has developed in fear/anxiety.

In an immediate prior lifetime, he was born in a poor family as a male child whose mother died after his birth. He and his elder sister were kept in foster care as the father refused to take responsibility. The trauma of separation from the parents has left the soul fearful in a parental relationship.

In another lifetime, the soul was in the female body and has taken birth to parents who were emotionally unavailable to her. The mother in that lifetime was a control freak making the soul feel regretful to born into that family. In both lifetimes, he chose the same soul as his mother.

The need for love, care, and affection from parents is the fundamental need of a child. When the soul repeatedly experienced the lack of parental love, specifically 'motherly love' and couldn't heal itself, over the lifetime's such experiences leave deep negative energy impact which then gets manifested as fear/anxiety while incarnated.

It is interesting to know that not every soul who will experience a similar type of situation will react in the same way. This is because we are 'Unique' even at the soul level. Although we are a manifestation of the same creator energy, we as an individual soul express ourselves differently.

The records revealed that the child belongs to a soul group where 'Togetherness' is at the core.

This soul group brings the energy of oneness, wholeness, and unity and they create these energies around them. Due to this, these souls are very slow on change and stay in the relationship, career for years and years even if those are affecting them negatively. 'Stuckness' is a dysfunctional aspect of such souls.

The child's divine gift is 'Power',

Divine Power, is the expression about free will and doing whatever we want, without limitation. Having the freedom of choice is incredibly important to such souls, and a sense of freedom is one of their most important values. Due to this as the child grows up, if his 'separation anxiety' is not healed, he may become demanding and forceful of his needs.

As the parents got an insight into the root cause of the situation and also knew, what is positive and negative to the child, they became more aware and accepting of the issue which needs a lot of patience from the parents' end. We have provided guidance and 'Energy Trnasmutaion Work' to transform the negative energies affecting the child. Now their way of upbringing the child will not be based on a generic way but specific to a child's gift. This will help the child to utilize his inner uniqueness and sail through life more smoothly and confidently. His choices will be more in alignment with his soul blueprint at origination thus getting more universal energy to manifest his dreams.

It feels good to see how a wonderful soul could get healing from the negativity of many lifetimes and offer an opportunity to evolve further.

Soul Realignment or Akashic Reading is a powerful tool to break the karmic pattern carried from many past lifetimes, to know your inner gift and evolve.

Love n Light,



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