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Hello Dear Readers,

Never before, did we have had such a tremendous opportunity to know our true nature.
Human beings must utilize this opportunity and raise individual consciousness to a higher level.

We must understand the deeper meaning of profound spiritual knowledge that is available to us.

We must disassociate ourselves from Lust, Anger, Greed, Attachment, Ego, Passion, Jealousy, Fear, Hate, and Shame, and strengthen our association with Humility, Sacrifice, Compassion, Patience, forgiveness, kindness, and freedom.


As we establish more and more positive virtue, we become Self Purified, moving closer, and closer to our ultimate nature. Your capacity to see things beyond your physical senses gives you the ability to find more profound aspects of life and thus enjoy the benefits.

Let you experience the inner beauty of ONENESS. Love n Light


My writing is for those who want to go beyond the physical body and its needs.

The one, who is interested in knowing their TRUE SELF

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