Real Cases are explained in brief as samples only.
Akashik Records Reading 1

Current Life Issue : 

At age of 50, undergoing kidney dialysis. Inspite of best efforts not able to form good relationship with family. Depression and suicidal thoughts.

His akashik reading revealed that he is not leaving life as per his core soul expression. The choices he has taken in past 2 lives and current life was totally in opposite to his divine soul expression. The negative energy created through negative choices has accumulated in his consciousness and manifested on physical level as disease. In his case, it was related to his relationship with self and others that he was attracting and perpetuating same negative pattern and thus creating same consequences of isolation, loneliness, anger.

He came to know his soul expression, his spiritual evolvement ,his various blocks and restrictions created in past and present life, negative choices which has created these blocks helped him to claim responsibility of his actions and provided him insight for Transformation so as to take new choices to create Abundance.

Akashik Records Reading 2

Current Life Issue : 

A female of 65 yrs has struggled his entire life to form cordial relationship with father-in-law but he has created tremendous hurdles and tortured her and his son for entire life. In spite of knowing his wrong doings, they were not able to separate themselves from him due to various reasons. FIL was making them away from their children and other relations. It was as if FIL sole agenda is to take revenge on her.

Her akashik reading revealed past lives she shared with her FIL and the choices taken in that lifetime have created energy of aggression, disassociation, criticism, blame, confusion,misunderstanding which was creating havoc in present life. She was also in a contract with FIL due to which she was feeling compelled to serve her FIL in spite of his revengeful behavior. 

She was expressing herself in this life through negative polarity of her gift , thus disempowering herself.

She came to know her soul expression, her spiritual evolvement ,her various blocks and restrictions created in past and present life, negative choices which has created these blocks helped her to claim responsibility of her actions and provided her insight for Transformation so as to take new choices to break negative karmic pattern.

Past Life Session 1

Current Life Issue : 

Client, a lady in 30's has low vision since birth (75% blind). This eye condition was not having any cure yet. Due to this she has to face lot of limitations in life. Inspite of good academics, smartness she was not able to get career of choice as everywhere Computer handling is a must. She wanted to find root of her eye problem.

Past Life Session :

She entered past life quickly and saw herself begging on a road in a western country with lost vision in a male body. As we moved back in that lifetime, it was revealed that he was not blind by birth but met with an car accident where he lost both his eyes. He lived this life with lot of limitations and poverty. As her consciousness left that body, it entered into another body from another lifetime wherein  she saw herself as a small girl of 10-11 yrs  playing outside her house . A blind passerby was struggling to find his way and trembled. She laughed on his helplessness and teased him. This erred the blind person to his core and he cursed the girl.

In next scene she saw herself married to a rich merchant. It was happy life with intact vision. As session progressed she saw herself delivering a baby and due to lack of medical facilities lost her eyes.( She later confirmed that in current lifetime when she was pregnant , she specifically asked doctor if it is possible to lost eyesight during delivery) . The energy of curse is very strong negative energy which affects individual many lifetimes.

Healing work:

As her consciousness rise and enters spiritual world, she was in spiritual realm. We called upon the soul of that blind man who cursed her.He appeared and said 'even he wanted release from this'.  There was a thick entangled cord between them signifying the strength and effect of curse on both.After the cord cutting and healing work , she said I am feeling free. Other soul too was freed and left. She then communicated with her spirit guide as to what next and her lessons . Her guide said she will not carry this pattern ahead and her deterioration of eyesight in this lifetime will stop. However she has to live with existing eye damage. With deeper insight session got over.

Past Life Session 2

Current Life Issue : 

Client, a lady in 40's is thinking of getting divorced. She has 18 yrs son and did love marriage 20 yrs ago. She wanted to know her relationship with her husband in past lives and why there are  trust issues between them. Although they were thinking of divorce, she said we 'Don't want it' . She seems to be confused . She needed guidance.

Past Life Session :

She entered a past life she lived in London in 1923. She was born in a rich family and her name was 'Martha' . She was in love with 'Peter' (current lifetime husband' who belonged to poor family. She refused to marry him as her father didn't approve of him being poor. Peter also didn't react to her decision and accepts same. Her consciousness wanted to know 'why he didn't convince her? why he accepts her decision?' ...The answer came 'Peter was fearful that he won't be able to provide to her (she being rich) and he didnt' want to take risk'...

In the next scene, she saw herself married with 2 sons (1 from peter and other from husband). Her husband (current lifetime friend) was knowing about peter and his son. This has caused a drift between them. However peter was not aware about his son . She used to remember peter and was sad in life. In present life, her son and husband don't share a cordial relationship. She left her body at younge age of 40 , wanting to say 'Sorry' to peter and feeling deep sadness.

Healing work:

As her consciousness rise and enters spiritual world, she found herself standing in front of peter in presence of spiritual guide. They both decided on future life plan with help of guide. We did energetic cord cutting work to release negative energies that were present between them due to choices of that life. Healing work is done and with insight on relationships dynamics, session gets over.

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