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Akashik Reading

A personalized report of: 

  • Divine Gifts 

  • Personality & Traits,

  • Soul Evolvement,

  • Intention power

  • Blocks and restrictions such as negative contracts, bargains, attaching souls, soul memory system, vows, godspark damage, negative intentions etc. from Past and current life.

  • Clearing work after session. 

1 hr telephonic session .

Personal visit not required.

Past Life Regression Session


2-3 hrs session

  • Visiting past lives,

  • Meeting your spiritual guides,

  • Cord cutting,

  • Integrating soul wisdom.

Reiki Healing

30-45 minute session.

  • Reiki for overall health

  • Reiki for specific physical/emotional issues.

  • Distant Reiki

  • Psychic Healing

Chakra Healing


30-45 minute session.

  • Finding Current Chakra status 

  • Balancing chakras

  • Chakra Meditation