Book Title : Droplets-KNOWN is the manifestation of UNKNOWN

Author      : Mrs.Anushka Kapse

ISBN 13    : 978-93-5416-329-6

No.of Pages : 136

Book Dimension : 12.7 x 0.84 x 20.32 cm

Publisher : Eternal You

Description : 

Enhance Self-awareness without getting lost in a complicated Philosophy!

Imagine a Life without mental and emotional turmoil. What if you get a more profound understanding of Life that will enhance your inner peace and lead you to live a more fulfilling life?


In this book, you will find 18 thought triggering chapters that will help you to,


* Open up the spiritual nerve within you.

* Take your Self-awareness at a higher level.

* Speed up your spiritual journey from gathering information to wisdom.

* Open up your connection with a higher dimension.

* Know the UNKNOWN.

* Access Inner power.


Let your inner Lotus Bloom in the DROPLETS of wisdom drawn from the Life around us such as Rubik Cube, Lily, Himalaya, Milk, Salt, sky, Lotus, Road, and others.