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The Land of Nothing

The Land of Nothing

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Why do even highly educated women fall into the clutches of self-doubt, suffocation, rejection, feeling of worthless?


“Thorns are given to a rose so that it can be protected, but a ‘Rose’ will remain a ‘Rose’ without thorns also. It doesn’t need other’s approval to claim itself. You have given so much importance to the thorns that you have forgotten why you are here on this earth. Universe carries out its work through you all. Everyone gets what they are worth based on their own choices across lifetimes. You call it ‘Karma.’ The good that you have done has come to you through good fortune. In the material world, it will manifest through somebody. That ‘somebody’ is the channel to send Divine Blessings to its rightful owner. But many times, the channel feels that it is the provider of good fortune. How ignorant! Your Existence is because of YOU! Never forget that. It’s time to rise like a Lotus.” 

said the cosmic figure before dissolving into the cosmos.


Will the external pilgrimage open the doors of the inner sanctum of Dr.Vaidehi? 


Find out as the story unfolds on the journey of holy Mount Kailash-Mansarovar.

'The Land of Nothing’ is a tale of modern women who got the opportunity to become competent professionals, but couldn’t empower themselves to break free from the traditional patriarchal society mindset.

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