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Goodness O Goodness !

Goodness o goodness, where are you ?

Don’t hide, but let you be seen..

It’s not only those BAD GUYS to blame, but those GOOD PEOPLE whose GOODNESS is hidden under fear or helplessness are also responsible for injustice that is happening around.

Non-action is unsaid acceptance to misdeeds.

Negativity attract negativity very easily ( heard of चांडाल चौकड़ी ) to form a more powerful negative force .. Unfortunately, goodness fights alone. Most of the times goodness don’t feel the need to come together and form a more powerful strength of positivity till the time someone like Sushant Singh takes his life.

People who want to control others and excercise power, forms a group of like minded people and run a Gang without much resistance. It’s mostly because of volume and group strength, their motive gets fulfilled.

His death has triggered many to open up and talk about injustice or Napotism they faced in Bollywood. In times to come, many more stories from corporate, politics will be heard.

Let the strength of positivity and goodness be seen...

Let it not be a solo battle against a gang...

Love and Light


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