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In modern times, False is confidently and cleverly wrapped as Truth, and it is impossible to separate 'Absolute Truth' from 'Seemingly True Truth.'


How to establish oneself in' Absolute' then?

Who to depend on knowing' Absolute Truth' in kali yuga?


The spiritual knowledge of Self-Realization was kept hidden for thousands of years from the layman. But in today's time, due to technological advancement, this knowledge is so readily available that it is losing its real value. When gathered information is understood, it becomes knowledge, and when such knowledge is internalized, it becomes wisdom. We must understand the deeper meaning of such profound knowledge that is available to us.  Human beings must utilize this opportunity and raise individual consciousness to a higher level.


A single drop from the Sky invokes the excitement of soaking in Rain within us. A single drop is enough to hope, to predict, to prepare, to feel what is on the way.

The first-ever book of the author offers nuggets of wisdom drawn

from life around us. The Truth is always SIMPLE and so does the Life.

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